German Food

Consumables from the land of Wurst and Kraut

I have some unfortunate (devastating, really) news for you fans  of food…

About mid-February, I somehow managed to delete my entire Deutschfuds album. Unfortunately, I hadn’t backed it up to my hard drive recently, because I was adding new photos to it all the time, and was putting it off until the next time I decided to update this page. Since then, I’ve been too torn up about it to make a major effort to resume my food documentation. In the meantime, I hope my older photos will suffice.

0928151003afruhstuckIMG_2814IMG_2842IMG_2965IMG_2967IMG_2968IMG_2995IMG_2969IMG_3049IMG_3051IMG_3091IMG_3113IMG_3122IMG_3124IMG_3303IMG_3306IMG_3552saladIMG_2780IMG_2781IMG_2799IMG_2608IMG_2711IMG_2669IMG_2600IMG_2598IMG_2602IMG_2488IMG_2495IMG_2457IMG_2458IMG_2459IMG_2417 IMG_2420 IMG_2436 IMG_2439

Bonus: türkisches Essen (und Getränke)

IMG_3318 IMG_3366 IMG_3540 IMG_3493 IMG_3393 IMG_3381 IMG_3320 IMG_3317 IMG_3315IMG_3307

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